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Exposed aggregate has been a popular pool surface in Auckland for some time now. The Hydrazzo pool finish takes exposed aggregate surfaces to a whole new level, however. This industry leading pool surface, sometimes referred to as Hydrazzo plaster, offers the benefits of an aggregated surface while also dealing with the problems those surfaces commonly cause.

Specifically, Hydrazzo pool plaster is exceptionally smooth. It’s silky smooth, in fact, which means you can have a beautiful exposed aggregate surface without hurting your feet walking on it, scratching your skin when you brush up against it, or damaging your swimsuit. All these things are a distant memory for owners of Hydrazzo pools.

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The Hydrazzo Pool Finish Advantage

There are several benefits to choosing a Hydrazzo pool. Those benefits include:

  • You get the attractive and luxurious appearance of an exposed aggregate surface
  • The Hydrazzo surface is exceptionally smooth –much smoother than other exposed aggregate surfaces
  • It’s non-slip
  • Not only does Hydrazzo look luxurious, it feels luxurious too
  • Made using natural materials
  • The Hydrazzo pool finish is highly durable
  • It is also resistant to the permanent adhesion of algae
  • Various colour options are available
  • It’s low maintenance

Custom Hydrazzo Pool Installation

At Innovative Pools, we have extensive experience of using the Hydrazzo pool surface on custom designed pools in Auckland. We’ll make sure you get the design you want. Not only that, but the Hydrazzo pool finish is ideal for pools that make a statement

When it comes to installation, we handle everything and we make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, right through to the very end. In addition, our prices for the installation of Hydrazzo pools are competitive.

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