Consultation & Pool Design

Consultation & Pool Design

We work very closely with our clients, architects and landscape designers to ensure your pool requirements meet your overall project concept, budget and time frame. 

The consultation and design process for the pool starts with an initial call to us by either phone call or email. We will arrange a suitable time to meet with you, preferably on site, to fully understand what your requirements are. At this meeting we are generally able to give you feedback on cost, design and consent process and overall project time frame.

Once you have decided to proceed, we will then arrange for design plans, structural engineering plans and specifications to be prepared. At the same time, we will compile all other relevant information required by council in order for a building consent application to be made. We will manage this building consent process on your behalf.

The following are other items that will most likely be required by council to be addressed at the time a building consent is lodged:

  • Geotechnical report to determine ground stability
  • Topography and contour plan with pool location shown
  • Location of pool fencing and fencing type along with complying fixing details
  • Location of public services if any
  • Location of backwash drainage