The Cascade Pool

This pool is constructed using galvanized steel wall panels around the pool perimeter, steel reinforcing is placed vertically into the wall panels and horizontally along the top of the wall panels forming a very strong structural bond beam around the entire perimeter of the pool. The bond beam, wall panels and pool floor is then poured with 25mpa concrete to form one contiguous concrete shell when dried and cured.

Once the pool shell has cured the pool interior is sanded and polished smooth ready for the Aqualux interior membrane to be installed. The Aqualux membrane is smooth to touch, is incredibly strong and durable and is guaranteed for 10 years. The Aqualux membrane comes in 14 different colours and is treated to inhibit algae, bacteria and fungus and blackspot.

Aqualux is nonreactive to chemicals and has no effect on your water balance.

At the same time the interior membrane is being installed the pool filtration plant will be installed and the pool filled.

The “Ultimate Range” from Cascade, NZ’s leading pool manufacturer.

  • Over 45 years in the pool manufacturing business
  • Concrete & steel construction
  • Custom built to your requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality filtration plant
  • Extended warranties